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by Josean Jacobo & Tumbao

¨Cimarronaje¨ was a process that was lived in the Caribbean, consisting of the escape of black slaves to the mountains where they took refuge and formed societies in which they mixed their customs from Africa with the customs they learned from their Spanish masters and those mixtures were the basis of what today is, in our case, the Dominican culture.


Josean Jacobo - Piano, Jonathan Suazo - Alto Sax, Rafael Suncar - Tenor Sax, Daroll Mendez - Upright Bass, Otoniel Nicolas - Drums, Mois Silfa - Dominican Percussion

Produced by Edward Moreta - E7 Studios LLC

Recorded at E7 Studios in Boston, MA by Alberto Santamaría and Edward Moreta

Mixed and Mastered by Alberto Santamaría - Nora Sounds LLC

Released on E7 Studios LLC